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Thrive Themes has been around since 2013 and they have grown to become one of the most respected and successful WordPress site theme and plugin companies out there. 

To be honest, if it weren’t for Thrive Themes, I don’t think that as an online entrepreneur I would be where I am today. I have built a portfolio of websites (including this one) and made over $ 1,000,000 in my business and Thrive Themes is the main thing that has allowed me to create attractive websites without any coding knowledge. 

In this article, I am going to provide a complete overview of Thrive Themes and explain my thoughts on Thrive Themes as a whole after using the platform itself for over five years. 

Thrive Themes Product Reviews

At first glance, the conversion-focused suite of tools can seem a little intimidating, but I’ll break them down so you can easily determine which Thrive plugins will help you achieve your marketing goals. WordPress theme and plugin toolkit. 

Thrive Theme Builder

($ 19 / month for one year or $ 90 / quarter for all tools)

Thrive Theme Builder is a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress theme for building WordPress websites. Not to be confused with the content editor and plug-in Thrive Architect, the theme maker was launched in early 2020 and has been around for longer. You can intuitively create and modify all aspects of the homepage.

Content pages include headers and footers, blog post templates, sidebars, page layouts, search pages, category pages, 404 pages, etc., come with the theme. This tool allows you to drag and drop various elements to make your page look exactly in line with your requirements and fully customize it to meet your needs. The one you are in is made with Thrive Theme Builder. Although I am biased, I think it looks good.

Things i favor concerning Thrive Theme Builder: 
  • It’s an infatuated theme, and not a page builder plugin or a workaround. 
  • The theme builder integrates seamlessly with Thrive architect and alternative Thrive products.
  • There are predesigned sections of every space of the site. This makes it straightforward if you aren’t a graphic designer. 
  • Each component and model includes a mobile responsive design. 
  • All options are 100 percent customizable to make a pixel-perfect site. 
  • it’s inbuilt speed tools/recommendations to create the theme fast.
  • they need a number of customizable page styles to decide on from to induce started quickly 
Things I Dislike concerning Thrive Theme Builder: 
  • It solely comes with one companion theme, Shapeshift. However, you’ll still build dozens of various sites, mistreat current style components and page templates and even build your own theme from scratch if you’d like. 
  • tough to grasp initially as there’s most practicality available.

Thrive Architect

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

Thrive Architect is a next-era WordPress web page builder that is right for entrepreneurs and commercial enterprise proprietors whose major awareness is on marketing. For people who don’t know, Thrive Architect was once known as Thrive Content Builder. I’m now no longer 100% positive why they decided to alternate their call from Thrive Content Builder to Thrive Architect, however Thrive Architect is a lot more feature-wealthy than its predecessor.

This visible editor is surely the muse of the complete suite of gear from Thrive Themes. It’s the number one editor that you’ll use to construct or edit your sales pages, landing pages, lead generation forms, etc. 

It presents a ton of pliability and energy in comparison to the default editor in WordPress and has many pre-designed touchdown pages to pick from. It will assist you remodel your pages and blog posts into unique, responsive, eye-catching, and excessive changing pages that your target target market will love. 

Thrive Architect presents you with general visible manipulation over how your internet site and any weblog put up appears and feels without you having to analyze any coding like HTML or CSS. Everything at the platform is drag-and-drop. As with any software, there’s a piece of a studying curve whilst the use of Thrive Architect, however it’ll in reality be really well worth it so as to create exceptional, professional-searching websites while not having to address CSS or PHP code. 

For me, this became the primary cause I observed Thrive Themes and why I went with them. I didn’t recognize how beneficial all in their different gear were, however this became the only thing that satisfied me to offer them a shot. 

Things I Like About Thrive Architect: 
  • Everything is straightforward to use. What you spot is what you get
  • Comes with 40+ Landing web page units and every set has 2-three touchdown web page templates. 
  • Thrive Themes gives excellent help to assist novices learn how to use the tool.


Things I Dislike About Thrive Architect: 
  • It can sluggish down the velocity of your pages a touch bit, however that’s the same with any web page builder available in the marketplace because it provides more code. 

Read about website analytics tools

Thrive Leads

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

Thrive Leads could be a tool that you just can use to create your email lists. Everything that you may wish to draw in and encourage readers to sign on for your email list is embodied, that makes it such a robust tool.

you’ll show the kinds of victimization the varied choices. For instance, you can select a pop-up opt-in form or include it in your sidebar appliance and solely have these triggers on mobile, or on desktop. There are a large number of various display options for Thrive Leads. 

Additionally, it permits you to live performance and conduct a split take a look at. You get reports that provide you with deep insights on however your email selling strategy is functioning therefore you recognize the way to improve it. 

This can be an enormous deal as a result of you’ll test totally different tests or visuals to visualize what’s going to convert higher and supply you with a lot of email subscribers. 

Things I prefer regarding Thrive Leads:

  • Comes with over seven different opt-in kind varieties 
  • It offers quality delivery mechanisms to deliver e-books and lead magnets while not victimizing an email autoresponder as you can have it off directly on your website. 
  • Convenient A/B split testing with options for traffic distribution, still as automatic winner choice • Analytics to simply perceive the conversions of your opt-ins 
  • Integrates with over thirty five alternative selling merchandise and services (and they keep group action with more as time goes on) 
Things I Dislike regarding Thrive Leads: 
  • presently doesn’t enable you to trace clicks as a conversion. This can be a small amount annoying if you wish to own a popup, then have a “click” be measured as a variable. you’ll get around it with link shortens, however it’s most likely the issue i prefer least.

Thrive Quiz Builder

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

Online quizzes are extremely popular infective agent promoting ways on social media, or interactive parts on your own website. They create nice list building tools, as well. 

However, the matter with making quizzes is that they usually need either pricy tools or custom programming.

Thrive Quiz Builder has everything you would like to create exciting quizzes for your audience. able to} offer completely different readers different calls to action, and, supporting their answers, you’re able to offer them specific opt-ins which will permit you to phase your list. 

By exploiting this tool, you can create some pretty impressive quizzes to spice up your list building efforts or to induce numerous traffic to your journal posts. Not solely that, however you’ll also use quizzes as surveys to collect more info regarding your audience.  

Things i prefer regarding Thrive Quiz Builder: 
  • Thrive Quiz Builder comes with different quiz question sorts
  • It includes powerful A/B split testing and analytics options
  • It’s easy and simple to use, even for beginners
  • The Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard includes a badge editor similarly
  • All quiz templates are mobile-friendly
Things I Dislike regarding Thrive Quiz Builder:  
  • There’s a restricted range of quiz designs

Thrive Apprentice

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

If you would like to start out providing online courses, then Thrive Apprentice can facilitate creating your job easily. This plugin solves the matter of a way to organize and show digital courses on your WordPress web site. 

It helps you produce trendy lesson pages and permits you to simply organize them into modules and chapters. you furthermore may get full progress trailing options that enable you to stay track of everything from right at intervals your WordPress dashboard to grasp however your students are progressing.

Thrive Apprentice works with all different themes, and it integrates easily with all major membership website themes and plugins. It conjointly has deep integration with Send Owl to create emails in conjunction with the course even easier.  

Things i favor concerning Thrive Apprentice: 
  • Thrive Apprentice is extremely straightforward to use even for total beginners
  • It’s a really cost-efficient resolution as no subscription is critical
  • There are not any transactions fees related to course delivery
  • You get full management of your digital course creation and selling
  • nice programmer convenient for managing everything in one place
Things I Dislike concerning Thrive Apprentice:  
  • There’s no thanks to drip content, it’s all or nothing for the courses
  • No handcart practicality
  • No gamification options, which might be nice to stay students active

Thrive Comments

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

Having comments on your WordPress website can encourage user engagement. By adding fresh, relevant content on your website pages, you furthermore might help to spice up your SEO efforts. 

With this tool, you’re basically substituting the default comments system on all web log posts and unlocking plenty additional capability, together with upvoting, opt-in functions once they leave a comment, then on. This can assist you flip your comments into a giant part of your overall conversion strategy. 

For example, when blog readers post a comment, you’ll be able to offer them a decision to share the blog post or opt-in to your email list. These are simply many of the ways in which you’ll be able to use Thrive comments to remodel your web log comments into a strong promoting tool.

If you would like to ascertain this tool in action, scroll to the lowest of this post and leave a comment.  You’ll see however I’ve used it myself. 

Things i favor regarding Thrive Comments: 
  • Thrive Comments helps you improve the user expertise and generate additional leads
  • It makes your comments section more interactive and fascinating
  • The plugin includes a lot of options to spice up your conversions with engaged viewers
  • it’s terribly reasonable and offers nice worth
Things I Dislike regarding Thrive Comments:  
  • There are only a few styling choices for the comment type

Thrive Optimize

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

Thrive Optimize is meant to allow you to A/B take a look at the pages on your web site thus you’ll optimize your conversion rates.

A/B testing permits you to send your website traffic to 2 completely different page versions – the first page, and a second wherever one element, reminiscent of the decision to action text or page headline, has been changed.

you’ll track conversions so you can see that page will be higher and build the winning page your default version. You then repeat the test by dynamic  another element. This constant method of improvement is important to making landing page templates on your website that convert like crazy. 

It takes right onto Thrive Architect, which allows you to run full split-testing and track conversions from right among your WordPress website. 

Things i favor concerning Thrive Optimize: 
  • astonishingly easy nonetheless super-effective A/B testing options
  • you’ll run unlimited A/B tests and page variations
  • nice trying interface and elaborate coverage choices
  • Set and forget with automatic winner feature
  • Integrates simply with Thrive Leads allowing you to check email choose ins
Things I Dislike concerning Thrive Optimize:  
  • Thrive Optimize solely works with WordPress pages and it’s tied to Thrive Architect’s page builder interface thus you would like to possess each tools to use it.
  • will only be used for WordPress pages (not posts)

Thrive Headline Optimizer

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

The Thrive headline optimizer plugin permits you to A/B split check your headlines to spice up the click-through rate for your own web site pages. This conjointly helps to boost alternative metrics, as well as scroll depth and time spent on page. 

usually speaking, Thrive headline optimizer is constructed for big websites or blogs that have plenty of traffic and wish to separate test however well their internal headlines do to stay guests on the site.

Thrive Clever Widgets

($19/Month For a Year or $90/Quarter For All Tools)

This plugin permits you to feature therefore conditions so you’ll be {able to} show widgets contextually on your diary post. With this tool, you may be able to display different widgets for various posts. you’ll vary them by categories, tags, and so on.

Are Thrive Themes worth it?

 I’ve been using Thrive Themes myself for many years and have found a way to build a portfolio of websites that are generating over $ 25,000 a month. I’m not happy about that either, I show you through my own success that bloggers and website owners should be successful with this platform. If that’s not the best evidence that Thrive is a great platform and worth the price, I don’t know what it is. But why is Thrive Themes so central to my own success?


Although they make great WordPress themes and plugins, I think their products are geared towards conversion. 

What this means is that all of the products they offer are designed not just to work, but to provide bloggers and business owners with the digital marketing tools they need to drive conversions and ultimately sales for their blog or website. 

That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Thrive Themes suite of products. Without them, I can safely say that my online business would not be as successful as it is today.

If you are purchasing Thrive Themes, I would appreciate your support by clicking this link to purchase

*Thrive Themes  Competitors

 There is a lot of competition in the market when it comes to WordPress site builders. From themes and landing pages to plugins and front-end page builders, there are many more options available to you. Compare Thrive Themes to some of its top competitors. Each of them are very believable and have their own unique features.

Thrive Themes vs Elementor

Elementor is extremely the same as Thrive architect and Thrive Theme Builder. It’s an excellent tool that you simply will use to create your entire theme. The pro version of Elementor costs $ 49 a year, and whereas that’s a lot, Thrive Themes is far more worth the money. after you get membership with all the opposite tools to assist you with promoting. Elementor is great for building your WordPress website, however Thrive’ theme builder offers several similar options while conjointly providing you with a whole set of targeted marketing products that accompany integral easy-to-use marketing features. If you get the Thrive architect and Thrive Theme Builder combo (which you are doing with membership) this might be an excellent replacement for Elementor. Also, the pop-ups are missing in Elementor A / B testing, analytics, etc, multi-state subscription forms, quality delivery features, and much more.

Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is one amongst the main third-party all-in-one tools for building extremely optimized websites. It’s a powerful, fast, cloud-based platform that comes with intrinsic payment integration. It conjointly includes one-click upsells and downsells. ClickFunnels also includes a membership feature, which are a few things that Thrive Themes doesn’t have. It also comes with affiliate and email promoting solutions within the $297 monthly plan.

If you’re on a budget and need advanced options that are able to use with external go-cart solutions adore SamCart or ThriveCart, then Thrive Themes is that the possibility for you. At a worth of $97/month, it’s easy to check why loads deal} of individuals opt for Thrive Themes over ClickFunnels. The membership to any or all of Thrive’s suite of tools prices only $19/month. 

Also, with Thrive themes, you’re using WordPress, which implies you are in control of your creation and marketing, and you are not fast into anything. With ClickFunnels, however, you are entirely obsessed with the cloud-based platform and you don’t have full control of your site. whereas ClickFunnels has the advantage of being super fast and straightforward to use, that is great for non-techies, Thrive Themes products are loaded with wonderful options at a lower value – that makes it a no brainer for marketers who need AN all in one answer at an affordable price. 

Thrive Themes vs. Divi

One of Thrive Themes’ most important competitions is Elegant Themes. These groups come from comparable backgrounds, and each commenced as topic developers however later branched out into custom plugins and different extra complicated equipment that serve a much broader variety of needs. 

As one of the Thrive Themes’ most important competitions, Elegant Themes gives most important alternatives that maximize immediate mission Thrive equipment, and those are Divi, their web page builder, and Bloom, their opt-in shape plugin. The Divi Builder through Elegant Themes is a professionally crafted web page builder that includes top class functions. While the Divi builder excels in a whole lot of regions and gives a whole lot of exciting functions, it’s now no longer as easy to apply as Thrive Architect in my opinion.

 Similar to Thrive, Architect, it may additionally be included into your WordPress webpage that will help you create pages of your very own design. Both those equipment have functions which can be comparable, which makes it hard to claim the quality among them. Their opt-in shape plugin, Bloom does a whole lot of what Thrive Leads does however on the subject of flexibility and customization alternatives, Thrive Leads is extra robust. Like Thrive Themes, Elegant Themes gives an every year club for just $89/year in comparison to Thrive’s $228/yr club. However, unlike Thrive, you don’t get quiz builders, path builders, A/B checking out equipment, etc. together with your club.

Thrive theme (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Thrive theme is one of the most advanced and easy-to-use website building tools. Thrive Themes provides WordPress themes and plugins, as well as a code-free drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to create unique websites without any technical knowledge. 

The development of this conversion-driven toolkit has a single goal-to help you convert website visitors into subscription customers. 

Get more traffic, more potential customers, more subscribers and more customers for your company. 

But as with any tool (no matter how good it is), you should consider its pros and cons before deciding whether it is suitable for your website. 

  1. Conversion method: Few vendors in the market have such a broad tool portfolio, focusing on marketing, optimization and lead generation.
  1. Hundreds of page templates-you can choose from nearly 300 templates to quickly start creating web pages. 
  1. Free tuition: You founded Thrive University, which offers many courses to teach you everything you need to use each tool. 
  1. Ease of use: Thrive Themes has a very intuitive user interface. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create pages, even for beginners. 
  1. Perfect integration with third parties. It can be easily integrated with various other marketing tools and services (such as plug-ins, platforms, etc.). 
  1. Fully responsive-Thrive theme page builder and templates are 100% responsive. 
  1. Very suitable for WordPress: WordPress themes and plugins are very suitable for WordPress sites and are optimized for the WordPress platform. Would you like to watch a video with more information on the subject of Thrive? Click here to browse and learn more. 
  1. A large number of products: The large number of tools provided by Thrive Themes can be overwhelming for novices. 
  2. Learning curve: Like every new platform, Thrive Themes has its own learning curve. I think these platforms are intuitive, but it takes time and patience to master them. 
  3. Only for WordPress: There is no Thrive theme version for Drupal, Joomla or any other website platform. 

Website Speed

One of the biggest complaints from almost all theme builders is that they have a negative impact on speed. While this is possible if you make excessive use of the Page Builder on every page of your website, here is something to think about. Every website I have uses Thrive Themes and every one of them. Every month together I get around 650,000 page views in my portfolio. But how fast is Thrive Theme Builder? While I don’t have all of the speed-related technical details of Thrive Theme Builder, I can safely tell you it had no negative impact, and my (pun intended) website portfolio is thriving. Another thing to note is that Thrive Theme Builder has a built-in module that focuses on the speed of the website as a whole. 

Each of these sections is crucial in making your website as quick as possible. Options include: 

  • Project Lightspeed – geared primarily towards CSS and Javascript optimization.
  • Minimization and caching – helps compress scripts and style coding.
  • Image Optimization and Delivery: Accelerates your images to visitors and compresses them to the smallest possible size .
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages: focuses on making your website as fast as possible for mobile.



In February 2021, Thrive Themes once stopped purchasing its software, but customers must purchase or not purchase all Thrive tools. 

How do I see this change? 

I think this makes sense. The theme tool only provides you with a few functions at a time. When you have a complete set of tools, you can do many things you might never have thought of. After purchasing Thrive Suite, you have full access to all their tools and can use them on 25 websites. These tools include everything I mentioned above. 

What is the price of the Thrive theme?

 The cost is US$19 per month, with annual billing (US$228) or US$90 per quarter. More information about prices can be found here


Bottom Line

Thrive Themes is a complete package that provides you with all the tools you need to create beautiful, high-conversion websites. I hope my review can help you solve the problem. You can use these tools to create beautiful and high-quality websites. No need to write a line of code to convert the landing page. You don’t have to mix and match WordPress themes and plugins to make the right page elements work together, and you have a complete blog and online marketing solution. Do you have any questions about my Thrive Themes review? What’s stopping you? Please let me know in the comments below.

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