SimilarWeb Review 2021

What is SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a BI (Business Intelligence) solution that uses the largest international online dashboard that allows you to aggregate traffic statistics from any website and displays them in clear dashboards.

Known for its competitive web measurement and online intelligence, SimilarWeb Pro has become a widely recognized BI solution that helps monitor a company’s health and make smarter decisions for strategic or short-term planning using this tool themselves in terms of performance compared to their competitors in the field. Additionally, by comparing website traffic, companies can improve their own traffic and find new ways to reach more audiences.

SimilarWeb Main Feature

SimilarWeb offers a rich visual dashboard with lots of data broken down into overview and eight other metrics: geography, referring websites, search traffic, social networks, display advertising, audience, similar websites, and mobile apps. In the free version, you can compare up to 2 websites side by side, in the PRO version comparison of up to 5 websites is available.

The following nine metric forums are displayed in SimilarWeb’s unfastened model:


  • Website rank: an estimate of a website’s popularity among other websites.
  • Traffic estimates: monthly visits (last 6 months).
  • Engagement: time on page, page views.

Pro Benefits of SimilarWeb

The main advantages of SimilarWeb Pro are its scalability, extensive analysis, a robust range of functions, and flexible pricing. Here are more details:


Companies of different industries and sizes – PayPal, Outbrain, Taboola, eBay, Eventbrite, and to name a few – can use SimilarWeb Pro to increase their website reach and attract more audiences. The system functions for your acquisition and merger activities as well as for marketing expansion companies.

Robust features

Large and multinational companies will not find SimilarWeb Pro a lack of functionality as the system has multi-user access, quality professional support, extensive API integration and custom reports. It also allows unlimited websites.


One of the best features of SimilarWeb Pro is its flexible pricing scheme. For starters, they offer a free plan. The tool also uses a quotation-based pricing system that allows customers to pay for features they only need or can afford. also offers a free live demo with no conditions.

SimilarWeb Market Intelligence

SimilarWeb Pro Feature

  • Website data
  • Engagement metrics
  • Mobile app industry analysis
  • See traffic share by device
  • Competitor display ads and networks
  • Side-by-side website traffic comparison
  • In-depth competitor keyword analysis
  • Competitor website traffic analysis
  • Email and social media traffic reports
  • Visual charts and graphs for KPIs
  • Keyword research tool
  • Organic versus PPC keyword
  • Mobile app popular keywords
  • See traffic share according to channel
  • Conversion funnel pages
  • Subdomains
  • Landing pages
  • Google Analytics keywords
  • Industry analysis tool
  • Google Play and Apple App store data

Traffic Sources

There are different display options and different graphics to show you how your website generates traffic. You can get the most important information from these different views, which is the source of your traffic.

You can categorize by type (referral, search, organic, email, direct, etc.) and the website or application that directs it to your website. If you subdivide this content further, you can access the graph view to see the percentage of each specific type of traffic from a specific source.

The following is an example. Basically, referrals are segmented by redirected sites, social traffic is segmented by redirected social media sites, and so on. Use display ads. This feature is particularly useful for understanding the appearance of ads.

Combined with audience analysis (which I will discuss below), you will learn more about your various interests and how to benefit from them through advertising. In the area on the left side of this page, you can browse any of the different types of traffic sources to get more information about them.

Tracking these traffic metrics is very important because they will give you an idea of ​​how you interact with your website. You can track whether the number of visitors is increasing, where they are coming from, and how they have changed over time.

Industry Analysis

Industry analysis is incredibly powerful and can help you accurately understand the changes in the market over time, such as when a competitor takes over the company.Industry analysis can also be used as a competitive analysis because other people in the industry are your biggest competitors.

This tool allows you to compare with the industry and better understand your competitors, thus giving you an advantage over your competitors.

The best thing about this tool is that it can provide you with detailed information about your competitors’ audience and their online habits. You can visit average visit time, average page views per visitor, traffic type and source, and analyze industry leaders.

The industry leader feature allows you to see who gets the most traffic from each type of source. In this way, you will know how to make the most of this traffic. These powerful competitor analysis tools will help you understand your competitors, audiences, traffic and their bottom line, so as to give you a real advantage.

Data Reliability

At Seperia, we compare SimilarWeb data for accounts where we have actual traffic data through Google Analytics to infer its accuracy. Based on our testing, it appears that SimilarWeb’s data estimates tend to be more accurate for websites with more than 50,000 visits per year.

For websites with fewer than 50,000 monthly visits and complex websites with multiple subdomains, we found a larger discrepancy between the traffic reports from SimilarWeb and Google Analytics. In most cases, the SimilarWeb estimate was higher than the actual traffic measured by Google Analytics. On the other hand, our tests have also shown that SimilarWeb’s estimate of traffic distribution between different sources tends to be accurate.

Our tests suggest that the SimilarWeb results provide a strong indication of website ratios and traffic trends over time. a good indication of the size of the traffic, trends over time, and sources. In certain cases, care should be taken in finding accurate website visit dates, but you still get a reliable scale for measuring and comparing websites.

Target Audience

  • Digital marketers will use this tool for several promoting activities together with benchmarking, the discovery of potential traffic sources, and more. 
  • Business analysts can use this tool to observe and benchmark competitor activity.
  • Bloggers and web site house owners can use this tool to get their business landscape.

Pros & Cons

  • Global records for users outside of the US.
  • Rich free version.
  • Great user interface.
  • Displays a complete and beneficial trendy overview.
  • A large scale of records, which includes visits, site visitors sources, target market metrics, seek records, social media, geo-distribution, cellular apps, and more.
  • Provides natural keywords (collects “now no longer provided” too). • Ability to export reports (most effective in PDF in unfastened version).
  • Traffic estimates are set to complete months most effective; it’s not possible to set particular date ranges (withinside the free version).
  • Estimates most effective desktop site visitors without mobile and tablets.
  • The number of specific traffic isn’t available
  • Estimates Traffic must be handled carefully, in particular with smaller websites.

Bottom line

Whether you are a website owner or an online marketing pro, SimilarWeb can provide competitive intelligence about your industry and your top competitors so you can understand what your competitors are doing, compare their performance, and get a feel for your business.

and make advertising decisions based on traffic size and conversion rate, you need to pay close attention to SimilarWeb’s data estimates and decide whether they make sense when compared to the exact data you get from Google Analytics, for example. If you’re interested in measuring global traffic, SimilarWeb might be your best option.

Finally, SimilarWeb provides a fairly accurate estimate when it comes to assessing the percentage breakdown that various traffic sources bring to the website being analyzed. A must for “serious” online marketers.

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