PowerAdSpy Review 2021

PowerAdSpy Introduction

In this review, we will introduce the powerful PowerAdSpy tool, which has caused a sensation in the social advertising world. We will understand why PowerAdSpy is needed, how to make the most of PowerAdSpy and how to make big money. If you haven’t heard of it, social ad tracking tools will be the next important step in competitive research.

What is PoweAdSpy Tool?

PowerAdSpy is currently the most promising FB Ad Intelligence spy tool. Poweradspy can easily monitor your competitors’ best Facebook advertising strategies, and then you can easily use them in your business. As for the Poweradspy tool, let us first understand the tool. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, or a freelancer, Poweradspy enables you to screen advertisements from a database of more than 6 million to find the most suitable advertisement for you. Using this tool, you can filter/search ads in the following ways:

Demographic characteristics (age, gender, interests, annual income, and cost structure)

Using the Poweradspy tool, you can check whether your competitor’s target demographic is male or female. Income groups or high-income groups, etc. This in turn enables entrepreneurs to understand their niche.

 Location: Communication schemes and channels vary by country/region. The city and region where the target population lives. When we understand how our competitors communicate with target audiences in different countries, we can formulate our own communication strategies to correctly convey information (about our products or services) and live in harmony with the culture of the region. It can only become our unique selling point. Revealbot is another powerful advertising automation tool that allows you to run ads on autopilot.

 Advertisers: To understand the advertising strategies and marketing strategies of global leading companies such as Nestlé and Procter & Gamble, or to understand the advertisements of the best companies in the industry, we can use the Poweradspy tool to filter FaceBook ads by “advertisers”. In this way, we can learn from successful marketing activities and incorporate best practices into our own strategies.

They are also a tight secret. Many new advertisers don’t know them at all, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to experienced marketers. Fortunately, a lot has happened in this area recently. Competitive intelligence tools are becoming more and more popular, some of which even offer attractive prices for new users.

PowerAdSpy is a next-generation spyware tool for your speculation. It builds on the success of previous platforms, and unlike other spy tools on the market, it provides advertisers with a wealth of information about rival Y’s campaign and strategies. Traffic and social networks, all functions are available on a single platform:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

Wanna get your hands on PowerAdSpy right away?

Stick with us and we’ll let you know how you can access one of the best social ad spy tools for a substantial discount.

What are social advertising spy tools and why do you need them?

If you have not used them in competitive research before, please consider joining them.

First, they are the best way to find competitors.

You can see everything, from ad copy to themes, from landing pages to popular offers. They also provide you with a quick way to apply competitive strategies to your campaigns, saving you thousands of dollars and saving hours of creative testing time.

What makes PowerAdSpy different from other spy tools? Social? Many spyware social advertising tools target platforms such as Facebook Ads. This can be expensive, especially if you need to use multiple tools to track your competitors’ ad positions.

With PowerAdSpy, users can simultaneously track the activities of competitors on various social platforms. Have everything you need.

In one place, it also improves value for money and is a convenient way to keep track of what everyone is doing. How do you make money with PowerAdSpy?

Before answering this question, let’s take a closer look at the platform from the dashboard.

PowerAdSpy Dashboard Overview

One great advantage of the PowerAdSpy dashboard is that it focuses on the various social networks you see in the navigation bar. Social media is constantly adapting to changes in advertising. On desktop and mobile devices alone, e-commerce advertising has grown astronomically.

The click-through rate of native ads is much higher than other ad formats.

As social media adapts to these changes and creates new features for advertisers, it will be easier than ever for brands, partners, and marketers to remain profitable. And expand your campaign. At the same time, smart advertisers will reconsider the strategy of maximizing profits based on their advertising platform. With PowerAdSpy, you can not only stick to the platform you know best, but also promote it to the best of your ability. You can search each platform to understand the strategies commonly adopted by competitors on different networks.

You can leave a lot of money on the table, but you may also lose revenue by not placing ads in the most suitable position for your offer. Below the navigation bar, you can view all the ads that appeared in the search bar due to the filter selection.

This masonry structure will look familiar to anyone who has used social promotional materials before.

The results shown here will dynamically change based on the search filter you use.

Each ad will display a subject, headline and text, as well as social media statistics and a button for viewing the analysis or viewing the original ad. This is a very cool feature that allows you to check the appearance of the ad in the original settings.

You can also contribute to the platform by marking topics, submitting errors, or marking advertisements as members or independent organizations. -The advertiser’s name is in the upper left corner. You can click on it to view all active ads for that advertiser, and even subscribe to them to receive notifications of new ads.

Finally, you can save the ad to your favorites.


In the left column of the platform, you will see many filters. Here, things become very interesting, and the features of PowerAdSpy come into play.

PowerAdSpy has a huge database containing 6 million ads from more than 15 countries/regions. The data is updated daily.

This is why filters are so important to find the ads that are most relevant to your campaign. Another important feature of this tool is that it focuses on video ideas, which are becoming more and more popular in Facebook and Instagram stories. By default, when you visit the dashboard, you will see the following options:

PowerAdspy Filters


  • Keyword type: select keywords, advertisers or domains for the search mode, and then search in ad text, annotations or landing page text. You can sort the results based on the latest and longest statistics and engagement statistics (such as likes, comments, posts, and views). Then select the date of the announcement or release, and click “Search”.


  • Filter mode: In this mode, you can improve your competitors’ strategies. You can filter by call to action (call to action), country/region, ad type, ad position, gender, language, and age. This is very useful for determining the goals and intentions of advertisers.


  • Lander Properties: This section is useful for members and e-commerce advertisers who want to track the activities of other members.Sort by popular tracker and e-commerce platforms, funnels, device source, and niche. This is the purpose of the PowerAdSpy slogan created by members for members. Use this option to find compelling campaigns from competitors and discover new direct selling and e-commerce trends. Popular member products and offers.


Depending on the network you are using, the filter will also change. For example, you will not find interaction statistics for native ads, but you can search native ad networks, such as MGID, Outbrain, RevContent, Taboola, etc.


One of the best additions to the social advertising platform should be to join the Google Display Network. With filters, you can specify the country/region, ad subtitle, language, and image size. This is an unparalleled choice for finding popular designs. Displaying in popular ad formats can save you a lot of time in designing banners.


For example, memes have become a popular advertising strategy in many industries, including this sports betting advertisement. These advertisers are also protected and will provide you with a clear strategy to advertise on these platforms without risking account suspension.


KeyFeatures of PowerAdSpy

  • Ad Placement Analysis– You can have a look at which position (Left-hand side, Right-hand side, Top, Bottom, etc.) works quality to your enterprise in a long way as conversions are concerned. Accordingly, you may location your advert to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) or go back for your advertising and marketing


  • Access to a large database of Facebook adsInformation is the key to a business’s fulfillment in today’s world. With the large database that the Poweradspy tool provides, you could optimize your advert marketing campaign to fulfill the quit


  • See the engagement stage of an adThe Poweradspy tool permits you to test the real-time engagement of an advert. This, in turn, permits us to determine the content material of our advert primarily based totally on the kind of content material this is commonly regarded and virally shared. We can anticipate our advert to carry out properly simply due to the fact of this activity.


  • Determine a niche market- With PowerAdSpy, we can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the competitor’s target According to the competitor’s target audience, we can choose and choose our market segment according to their interests, consumption patterns, age group, location, gender, etc.


  • Search for personalized ads- The Poweradspy tool allows you to search for ads based on specific keywords. You can also use this tool to search for competitors’ ads. This can greatly reduce the number of ads that need to be crawled, as well as the time required for competitive analysis, keyword research, and strategy formulation.


PowerAdSpy has excellent features, and any advertiser needs to manage advertising campaigns. Find out what these attributes are:

Filter with an extended search.

PowerAdSpy has an excellent custom search function for best results. This allows you to filter ads based on specific niches. Here you can find ads based on keywords or advertisers.

You can also use certain demographic information. How to filter search results. Divided by age, country, gender and language.You will also find filters such as call-to-action filters, ad type, and ad position, which you can use to filter search results in a more advanced way.

 For example, select the “Sort by Results” option. For example, I chose the “longest” type because some ads take a long time to run because they work well. Then select a keyword, for example: digital marketing, and click search.You will find the longest digital marketing keyword advertisement.

This is a great way to track the traffic of competitors’ ads. If you only know some competitors, you can also search for special events in the enterprise to get more promotional ideas. Conversion campaign.

See live ads

Do you have to be cautious about the strategies of your competitors? This is why PowerAdSpy is here to make your work easier.

You can view the content of advertisements posted by others. Accurately understand the digital marketing advertisements related to your niche market. You can also view real-time ads from competitors. Keyword advertisers looking for their adsAt the end of each ad, you will see a “show original image” button. Click the button and you will go to the real-time advertising page.

There, you can check the content and the # tags used. You may even see more ads on a specific FB. Just copy or read the page title at the top of the ad.Then open your Facebook account. Enter the title of the page on the search page. Click on your page. On the left, you will see the “Information and Promotions” option. Click here to view all the ads on this page. You can create better ads by observing other people in the same niche.


Find ads with one click. Leave the puzzle behind. PowerAdspy allows you to display the target market segmentation of any ads you are interested in. Advertising coverage, social interaction statistics and weekly trends on one page.

PowerAdSpy is Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

Call to action (play, save, like, turn the page, buy now, show more, give away, etc.): If we want to know exactly which call to action (or CTA) is best for our brand, this option is suitable for Poweradspy equipment can do miracles for us. By adding “Buy Now” to your “Buy It Now” ads, you can get huge conversions instead of just getting “More information about the product” ads in the call to action.

The Poweradspy device allows us to find the most effective advertising call-to-action. On what days do you rate your ads and which ones are provided?What day and so on. We believe that we can adjust advertising and discount rates to make them more effective than competitors. Of course, it’s important to show ads when searching for specific search terms. In the same offer, we can get better advertising than our competitors, which is why our advertising is higher than our competitors. If our competitors display ads for specific keywords in their posts, they may see display ads.Interact with ads (reposts, likes and comments).

It should be studied to show that the stock has the best level of advertising, such as comments and observations, to accurately understand the market performance. Advertising adds modern memes and the best entertainment materials to make work more interesting. Better advertising placement can easily lead to more clicks and conversions, for example: B. Use electronic advertising.

This attribute of the Poweradspy feature can filter system ads by location and display their metrics, which may be helpful compared with our competitors, we have greatly improved the appearance of our ads. This powerful FB ad monitor allows you to view more information about the types of competing ads, their views, creations used, corners used, and trackers used.


The pricing on PowerAdSpy is organized according to tiers, with greater access to the 6 social networks as it increases in price.

It’s competitively priced, however, to get the maximum from your subscription you’ll need to shop for withinside the Premium plan. This is especially proper for affiliates, as without it you won’t be capable of getting admission to the lander homes filters.

The fee shape is as follows:

  • Free: Get 20 loose searches on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube and not using a restriction on seek filters.
  • Basic: Unlimited searches on Facebook, however with restrained alternatives for seek filters. Try it loose for $1 then pay $49/mo.
  • Standard: Unlimited Facebook and Instagram search, with the exception of lander homes filters. Try it for $7 for five days then $99/mo.
  • Premium: This is wherein the software program starts to polish and you’ll advantage get admission to unlimited searches and all to be had filters on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Start with a $7 trial then $149/mo.
  • Platinum: Everything withinside the top-class plan, consisting of Google community for $249/mo. Trial for $7.
  • Titanium: This plan unlocks Native content material at $299/Mo with a $7 trial.
  • Palladium: The whole enchilada for $349/Mo, consisting of GDN. It additionally has a tribulation at $7.

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  • PowerAdSpy tool helps you formulate a successful marketing strategy
  • PowerAdSpy tool allows you to access a database of 6 million + Facebook ads
  • The tool allows you to understand your target audience
  • PowerAdSpy tool helps you do competitor analysis
  • Advanced Search & Filtering
  • Filter by ios, android, desktop, mobile


  • One needs to be highly analytical to use this tool effectively.
  • One needs to be internet savvy with the Poweradspy tool.


PowerAdSpy is a modern social advert secret agent device with a effective seek set of rules that belongs in any critical entrepreneurs toolkit.

Whether you’re a marketer, affiliate, media buyer, eCommerce advertiser or advert agency, it offers you a loopy gain over the opposition.

The inclusion of 6 social advert networks is a characteristic that units it aside from the opposition and makes it unbeatable for social advert entrepreneurs who paintings throughout a couple of advert platforms.

Having the whole lot multi-functional place, while not having to log in to a separate platform, is some other advantage with a view to enchantment to time-aware advertisers.

Plus, the cap potential to scale in with bendy plans, consistent with which networks you maximum regularly use, can shop on costs.

For any net marketer who has formerly used a social advertisements secret agent device, it’s properly really well worth a more in-depth appearance and people who’re simply beginning out will discover themselves withinside the lucky role of getting PowerAdSpy at their disposal and must take the possibility to shop for now even as fees are at this level.

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